The Irish Institute of Master Mariners (IIMM) is a non-political organisation of qualified mariners.

Our aim is to promote safe, efficient and professional conduct in the public and commercial maritime sectors in Ireland and internationally. The IIMM consults with the Irish Ministers for the Marine & Natural Resources and Transport, their Officials, and any other appropriate Government Departments and Bodies on current or proposed maritime legislation and policy. We also liaise with other organisations and individuals who share a common interest.

The IIMM is a member of the International Federation Of Shipmaster's Associations (IFSMA) and the Confederation of European Shipmaster's Associations (CESMA).

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Launch of Maritime Safety Strategy

The Maritime Safety Strategy was launched in Dublin on Thursday, the 16th of April. Captain Michael McKenna represented the Institute at the launch and sent us the following report. It is interesting to note that several of the recommendations in the Institute's submission have been implemented in the new strategy.
Minister Donohoe spoke of his professional and personal delight on the new Maritime Strategy, revisiting his personal experience on the work of the IRCG while in the west of Ireland. He spoke of the importance of the ICG and their good work. Further to this he thanked the work of the MSO, represented by Jim Snellgrove, Deputy Chief Surveyor.
The work of these organisations look after Mariners, and Non-Mariners, in times of need.
The Minister spoke of the need to prevent casualties, exercise best practise, and enforce standards and certification.
The ICG saved 80 lives last year with the MSO carrying out 1300 inspections. The recent new helicopter contract increases resource capability and response. Providing resources to allow personal provide better care to casualties, SAR etc. Exercising coordination and collaboration.
The new strategy document  was formulated after a consultation process utilising research from MCIB reports. Research indicates lack of compliance as frequent root cause, along with lack of preparation, poor or no use of life jackets etc. While enforcement will improve the situation, ultimately a culture change in attitude is required.
33 actions have been prioritised in a 5 year plan. The intention is to use our proud maritime heritage safely and responsibly.
Attended by:
Minister Paschal Donohoe
Michael Harper IMA
Chris Reynolds ICG
Jim Snellgrove MSO
Yvonne Shields CIL
Cormac Lynne Irish Naval Service
Vivian Gough NMCI
Jim O’Byrne NMCIS
Evelyn Murphy Met Eireann
Charles Lawn Inland Waterways
and others….
A link to the launch can be found here.
Our Thanks to Captain Michael McKenna for his attendance and this report.

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Revalidation of Certificates of Competency

New Requirements under "Manila Amendments"

The Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport has issued Marine Notice No. 02 of 2014 detailing the new requirements for seafarers revalidating their Certificate's of Competency (CoC).

Seafarers will be required to submit additional evidence to ensure their CoC is valid after the 31st of December 2016. It also includes requirements for those engaged in functions ashore which is considered equivalent to seagoing service such as Marine Pilots, Government Marine Surveyors, Marine College Lecturers, Harbour Masters etc.

This can be found by clicking here

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